Book an Exam

We are currently offering Exams from Home and Exams at our Barrie Centre. There are different procedures to book these exams. Please choose the type of exam you want and follow the given instructions.

Note: To take exams, you must be registered in Certiport as a Test Taker. Click here to register

You can directly book an exam package (proctor fee already included) to take exam at our site using the appointment form provided below.

Note: You need to book an exam on site 2 days ahead of time.

Note: If you would like your exam with RETAKE feature (+$69.95 CAD), please come Here to tell us (The date & time & the exam you desire). Do not make an appointment through this.


Please contact us with the contact form to book an exam from home.

Exam form home is only available on weekdays.

Note: You need to book an exam from home 10 days ahead of time as we need to book a virtual machine on the cloud, and the cloud VM serves the whole world. Once you have completed this form, we will get back to you within a business day with the nearest date available for the exam.

Note: this is insurance. There is no refund if you pass the first attempt and don't need the second attempt.

We provide professional proctoring service for online exams, exam at our site, and exam at your desired location. You can book our proctoring service using the appointment form provided below.

Note: You need to book proctor for exam 2 ahead of time.